Family of the Month (FOM) is awarded to parents that go the extra mile to help other families at Pas De Deux Hawaii! This family will receive a free month of tuition, compliments of owners Wendy and Jeremy Gilbert. Want to nominate a deserving family? Email us!

September 2022
The Bandola Family

Aloha! We are the Bandola Family: Michael, Lorelei, Kailah (11), and Milana (8).

Lorelei was born and raised in Hawaii and is a Behavior Analyst for children with special needs.  Michael was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Hawaii in 2005. He works as a Portfolio Manager. 

Kailah is in the 6th grade at Pearl City Highlands Elementary. She entered PDD when she was seven years old taking ballet and jazz classes.  She has been loving it ever since and enjoys dancing on stage.  Not only does she have a love for dance, but also loves video productions.  She is in her second year of being part of her school’s video productions.  She was also part of the yearbook committee last year and plans to take part again this year. 

Milana is in the 3rd grade at Pearl City Highlands Elementary.  She watched her sister at dance classes and followed her sister’s footsteps.  She joined PDD starting in the Creative Movement class and is currently taking ballet and jazz classes.  She was shy at her first recital at 5 years old, but came out of her shell and enjoys performing on stage and wearing costumes.

It is a huge time commitment, but seeing them both happy makes it all worth it.  Follow your child’s lead and most importantly, as long as they are having fun and love what they are doing.

They are fortunate to have amazing teachers and mentors.  Thank you PDD staff for answering my questions, and ensuring that they are in a fun, safe and supportive environment.  Thank you for making us Family of the Month.