Family of the Month (FOM) is awarded to parents that go the extra mile to help other families at Pas De Deux Hawaii! This family will receive a free month of tuition, compliments of owners Wendy and Jeremy Gilbert. Want to nominate a deserving family? Email us!

June 2024
The Paslay Family

Thank you Pas De Deux (PDD) for honoring the Paslay Family for Family of the month! Our family has 6 people, and one dog (Stitch) Morgan (9), Dylan (11), Landon (13), Wyatt (15), Nick (Dad), and Naomi (mom). Morgan has been attending PDD for 2 and 1/2 years. She participates in Musical Theater and Jazz. Morgan has made many friends in her classes. She is a natural performer, and as I'm sure her brothers would love to tell you, she sings and dances all the time, from first light in the morning until she goes to bed at night! PDD classes and instructors have helped to encourage Morgan and has been a positive influence in her life.

As a family, we all proudly identify as nerds! We all love to read, mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Wyatt is already coding for computer programs, Landon studies space and wants to be an aerospace engineer, Dylan is interested in all things related to the Odyssey (this started with Percy Jackson, which led to EPIC the musical, which led to him trying out reading The Odyssey), and Morgan loves math and creating her own math equations as well as creating art. Nick is often found at the beach surfing and loves to go off-roading. Naomi pretty much just tries to maintain the family life.

We heard about PDD from another PDD family, (shout out to Shani and the Kennedy family!). We heard so many great things, and were looking for a place for Morgan to try different types of dance and explore her interest in performing. Morgan was supposed to start at PDD when she was 4, we had her scheduled for a trial class, and then the Covid shut down happened. Once places started opening back up, we signed her up for her trial class. She tried Jazz and was hooked from the first class! She joined Musical Theater soon after and found a true passion, combining her love of singing, dancing, and being on stage!

PDD puts on such a great show, whether a musical or recital. So much attention and love go into every event! The staff is so talented, between the teachers, stage managers, costume designers, etc. I (mom, Naomi) love to help out during recitals and productions! It's amazing to watch the performances, but equally amazing to see what happens backstage. Morgan loves to perform, but she also loves to watch live performances, sometimes it's hard for her to choose if she would rather perform or watch.

Thank you to Wendy and Jeremy for your dedication and encouragement, thank you to Laura, for making sure everyone gets where they need to be during performances and costume design, Jessica for great backstage direction and always helping with my random questions, and all the PDD instructors for making classes fun and sharing your expertise!