Family of the Month (FOM) is awarded to parents that go the extra mile to help other families at Pas De Deux Hawaii! This family will receive a free month of tuition, compliments of owners Wendy and Jeremy Gilbert. Want to nominate a deserving family? Email us!

April 2024
The Gomez Family

Our heartfelt thanks to PDD for this wonderful honor! Being selected as the PDD family of the month fills us with immense pride. We are the Gomez family: Ariana (Daughter), Taizen (Son) Jill (Mom), and Travis. Our journey with PDD began when we stumbled upon their Instagram page in January 2023. Our aim was simple: to give our daughter Ariana a chance to explore new activities and forge friendships. What unfolded was a transformative journey for her. Ariana embraced musical theater and jazz, indulging her love for role-playing, singing, and dancing. Her artistic pursuits have now grown to include ballet, hip hop, and vocal training. Witnessing Ariana's evolution from minor dance roles to prominent parts in performances is incredibly rewarding—it's like we're all part of this exciting journey. Despite the demands of managing a driving school for teens, we find solace in knowing Ariana has a nurturing place to develop her talents and self-assurance.  PDD is a place that's family oriented that has helped show our daughter what she is capable of achieving.  We have observed Ariana's self-motivation and her continuous efforts to enhance her confidence with every class. Her dedication to personal growth is evident as she consistently strives to surpass her previous achievements, demonstrating an admirable commitment to self-improvement.  As her parents, our greatest desire is to support our child's well-being and happiness. Dance has become a cherished activity that brings us joy and anticipation with every performance she gives.  PDD Ohana has significantly uplifted her spirits by presenting small tokens of appreciation for her achievements, which have made a substantial impact. These gestures of recognition not only celebrate successes but also deeply motivate and encourage continued excellence. It's a testament to how little acts of acknowledgment can truly go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a positive environment.  We are always worried about how our child will do in the class but we can honestly say that the staff has always cared for Ariana like family.  We will continue to enroll our daughter because the lessons learned through PDD are truly priceless.

We would like to leave all of the readers with one message…  Listen to your children and they will find what makes them happy and all we need to do as parents is give them a platform to shine.  Always encourage them to never give up and they’ll naturally gain the skills by showing up with their genuine hearts and passion in living a life that's true to oneself.

Thank you to Wendy and Jeremy and all the Teachers and staff at PDD. Your dedication has shown Ariana and all the other children the light to success!