**Covid Vaccine Requirement**
All staff, observers, and students ages 12+ will be required to show proof of a completed Covid vaccine to enter PDD.

Sept. 13, 2021 - proof of at least one dose of the vaccine or test within 48 hours of entering PDD.

Sept. 24, 2021 - fully vaccinated for everyone ages 12+.  *Grace period for those turning 12 is 2-4 weeks for first dose.  While waiting for vaccination, you must provide a negative Covid test within 48 hours until first dose is complete.

Where are customers allowed to park?
Customers may use street parking only. Our parking lot is reserved for drop-off and pick-up only and limited for 15 minutes. Parking is NOT allowed at any of the surrounding businesses. *PDD is not responsible if any vehicles are towed or for any damage to vehicles when parked. We are in an industrial zone, so please abide by the parking rules and park at your own risk.

Can my child try out a class before enrolling?
Yes! We offer free trials in Dance and Musical Theatre which are normally held during the 1st week of each month. To schedule a free trial, please create an account on Studio Director and add your information as well as your child’s information, then give us a call to schedule a trial.

What do students wear for a trial class?
If your student has dance attire, great!  If not, dress comfortably in clothing you can dance in. Fitted clothing, such as leggings or bike shorts with a fitted tank is suggested.  Bare feet or socks is acceptable for jazz, ballet, and contemporary classes. Boys can wear a t-shirt and shorts. For hip hop, loose fitting clothing is also acceptable. All sneakers need to be clean and free of dirt/rocks to preserve our dance floors.  

Are parents allowed inside the classroom?
We love parents, but to allow our students to focus and maximize learning, parents are not allowed in the classrooms. Our dance rooms have viewing windows/doors where parents are able to watch from the waiting areas. At the end of class, you are able to speak with teachers should you have any questions.

Do you offer free trials for Private Voice lessons?
Because voice lessons are private classes, we do not offer free trials for Private Voice lessons.  Students may purchase a single lesson before committing to a monthly enrollment. To book a lesson, please contact our Vocal Coordinator at pddvoice@gmail.com.

Are uniforms required?
Yes. Once enrolled, all students in Dance and Musical Theatre (except Open Class students) are required to purchase PDD uniforms (view uniform requirements).

Where do we purchase uniforms?
All PDD uniforms, including tights and shoes, are available only at Step-N-Up (SNU) Hawaii’s Satellite Store located conveniently at PDD! SNU’s Satellite Store is open to the public and carries a variety of dance wear, supplies, and accessories. Online shopping available! 

Can I purchase a different brand for shoes and tights rather than the one you recommend?
The shoes and tights PDD recommends are the same that are used for our annual dance recitals (unless otherwise specified when costumes are distributed).  If for some reason dancers are using different shoes or tights in class, they will need to purchase the PDD recommended brands for recitals. 

Can I make payments at the front desk or is everything done online?
All accounts are required to be on automatic payments, which is processed on the 28th of each month. If you wish to make a payment before autopay is processed, you can do so at the front desk before the 28th of the month. Payments are also accepted online at anytime if paying with a credit or debit card.

Are all students required to participate in recitals/shows?
Students enrolled into a Performing Class are required to participate in our recitals/shows. If a student wishes to not perform, please enroll into a Non-Performing Class (noted with "Non-Performing" in the class name) or an Open Class.

My child was promoted to a higher level. What if the schedule for the required additional classes does not work for us?
Dancers benefit greatly by taking multiple classes weekly to continue to build muscle strength, balance, coordination, and skills, as well as allowing more time for rehearsals for performances.  With higher level classes, students must attend all required classes.  If scheduling does not work out, students may continue in beginning level and open classes for their age group.

Can my child enroll into an intermediate or advanced class if they were in the same level at another studio?
In order to ensure dancers are prepared for intermediate and advanced classes at Pas De Deux, we ask that all new students complete a free trial in beginning level classes.  From there, teachers can determine the best placement for your child’s level and ability to ensure they are well-prepared and safe in class. 

What is a "Company" class?
PDD's Dance Company is an audition-only competitive dance team that is taught advanced level choreography and receives intensive training in preparation for regional and national dance competitions.  Auditions are held annually. Learn more.

What if my child misses a class (e.g. sick, on vacation, etc.)?
Consistent attendance is important but we understand that your student may miss a class.  Students are allowed to do make-ups for classes missed for reasons other than studio closures.  PDD allows 3 make-ups per yearly session in the same genre class that is missed.  Make-up classes are scheduled with the front desk admin and are based on availability.  Make-ups for private vocal sessions must be coordinated with your music coach directly.  (Note: private music lessons have a 48hr cancellation notice.)

What is PDD’s vacation policy?
If a student goes on vacation and notifies Pas De Deux in writing, we will hold your spot in the class as long as tuition is paid in full and on-time.  Make-up classes are allowed for missed classes as long as it is within our make-up policy of 3 make-ups per yearly session.  If you choose to drop from class due to vacation, we cannot guarantee a spot back to class upon your return. A registration fee ($25) will also be due upon enrolling again and an email should be sent by the 15th of the current month to process the drop for the following month. 

What if my child no longer wants to take classes?
If you need to drop classes, please notify PDD by email by the 15th of the month in order to stop tuition payment for the following month. We have a no refund policy so trials are strongly encouraged prior to registering and paying for fees.

Do you give refunds or make-up classes for studio closures/holidays?
We guarantee students will receive on average 4 lessons per month per session so make-ups/refunds are not offered for studio closures/holidays. Some months you will receive 3 lessons, 4 lessons or 5 lessons depending on whether that particular month has a holiday or 5th week. Recital rehearsals and shows will be counted as class so no refunds or make-ups will be offered.