At Pas De Deux Hawaii, we offer a wide variety of dance genres for children ages 3-18, as well as Musical Theatre and Private Voice. We are dedicated in helping young performers achieve the highest level of performance skill in their desired genre of Dance, Music, or Theatre.

Note: All level II, Intermediate, and Advanced classes require instructor approval. Company classes (class names with Petite, Mini, Junior, Teen, or Senior) are by invitation or audition only. Learn more about our competitive dance Company here.

**New season begins August 1st!**


Creative Movement (Ages 3-4)

Creative Movement is an entry level prep class for Ballet or Jazz. This class has an emphasis on having fun while learning coordination, balance, and rhythm, by exposing students to various dance styles and music. Creative Movement also focuses on learning dance class etiquette (e.g. standing in place and taking turns).

Ballet (Ages 5+)

Ballet is a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary. It is a poised style of dance that incorporates foundational techniques like posture, form, grace, and classic musicality. 

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Pre Ballet (ages 5-6), Pre Ballet II (ages 5-6), Beginning Ballet 7-8, Intermediate Ballet 7-8, Beginning Ballet 9-10, Intermediate Ballet 9-10, Beginning Ballet 11+, Intermediate Ballet 11+, Beginning Pointe 11+, Intermediate Pointe 11+, Advanced Ballet 11-13, Advanced Pointe 11-13, Advanced Ballet 14+, Advanced Pointe 14+, Petite Ballet Company, Mini Ballet Company, Junior Ballet Company, Teen Ballet Company, and Senior Ballet Company

Jazz (Ages 5+)

Jazz is a high-energy form of dance known for its precise leg, arm, and foot movements, as well as jumping techniques. This class focuses on stretching with jazz technique, progressions, and choreography. 

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Pre Jazz (ages 5-6), Beginning Jazz 7-8, Intermediate Jazz 7-8, Beginning Jazz 9-10, Intermediate Jazz 9-10, Beginning Jazz 11+, Intermediate Jazz 11+, Advanced Jazz 11-13, Advanced Jazz 14+, Petite Jazz Company, Mini Jazz Company, Junior Jazz Company, Teen Jazz Company, and Senior Jazz Company

Broadway Jazz (Ages 7+)

Broadway jazz, or theater jazz is a unique blend of ballet, modern, and jazz and is distinguished by its emphasis on exaggerated movements, high energy, and story-telling characteristics.

Contemporary (Ages 7+)

Contemporary dance is a style of interpretive dance that embraces innovation and blending techniques from various genres (including classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, and lyrical dance), allowing dancers to be expressive with emotions through movements.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Contemporary 7-10 and Contemporary 11+

Acro (Ages 7+)

Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and is performed in a dance context. 

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Acro I, Acro II, Acro III, and Acro IV

Leaps & Turns (Ages 7+)

Leaps and Turns is a technique class designed to improve the overall ability of the student in all forms of dance. Students will work to increase extension, flexibility, turns with more precision and various leaps.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Leaps & Turns 7-10 and Leaps & Turns 11+

Hip Hop (Ages 3+)

Hip Hop is a percussive dance form that started its true foundation in the streets. It allows individuals to freely express themselves through their own unique musicality and movement.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Hip Hop Tots (ages 3-4) Pre Hip Hop (ages 5-6), Beginning Hip Hop 7-8, Intermediate Hip Hop 7-8, Beginning Hip Hop 9-10, Intermediate Hip Hop 9-10, Beginning Hip Hop 11+, Intermediate Hip Hop 11+, Advanced Hip Hop 11-13, Advanced Hip Hop 14+, Mini/Junior Hip Hop Company, and Teen/Senior Hip Hop Company

Breakdancing (Ages 7+)

Breakdancing is an energetic style of dance characterized by stylized footwork and acrobatic movements, typically performed to hip hop music.

Tap (Ages 7+) 

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels. This style of dance utilizes the sounds of tap shoes fitted with metal taps, striking the floor as a form of percussion.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Tap 7-10, Tap 11+, Mini/Junior Tap Company, and Teen/Senior Tap Company

Ballroom (Ages 7+)

In Ballroom class, students will learn many styles of Ballroom dance. This class combines the art form of performance, along with technique in Ballroom styles such as Cha Cha, Tango, and Samba. Students will have fun in this high energy class with partnering and quick footwork.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Ballroom 7+, Mini/Junior Ballroom Company, and Teen/Senior Ballroom Company

Hula  (Ages 3+) & Tahitian (Ages 7+)

Classes are based upon history, language, choreography, technique and musicality using drum beats with Polynesian music. Technique involves in depth movement of basic steps and overall emotions and feelings that tells the story of each dance.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Keiki Hula (ages 3-4), Pre Hula (ages 5-6), Beginning Hula 7+, Intermediate Hula 11+, Adult Hula, Tahitian 7-10, Tahitian 11+, and Adult Tahitian


Ages 7+ - In Musical Theatre, students will learn a "triple-threat" variety of acting, dance, and vocal styles, as well as setting goals and building confidence.

Classes offered (new season begins August 1st): Beginning Musical Theatre 7-8, Beginning Musical Theatre 9+, Intermediate Musical Theatre 7+, and Advanced Musical Theatre 7+


Ages 7+ - Our vocal department offers private one-on-one vocal and music lessons, demo recordings, and artist development. For inquiries, please contact our vocal department directly at