**Covid-19 Policies**

Beginning August 1, 2022, masks will be optional. 


1. 48 Hour Fever Free - No one is permitted to attend class, rehearsals, or events unless they are Fever Free for 48 hours. Fever is a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.

2. 6 and Unders - Students 6 and under must be potty trained to enroll in classes at PDD and must be dropped off to his or her classroom by one parent at the start of class. Students 6 and under that can bathroom himself or herself do not need a parent to stay at the studio during class.

3. Conduct - Performers and Families will be of good moral character, not using foul language or engaging in any activity that is not upholding the standards of Pas De Deux at all times. We have a no tolerance policy for physical or verbal assault to any child, parent or staff member. Only Performers, Choreographers, Directors, Teachers, Staff, and Talent are allowed in the classrooms. Pas De Deux reserves the right to release any performer or family that does not abide by these and any other rules listed in newsletters, emails, brochures, and/or posted at the studio.

4. Jewelry - For the safety of your child and others, do not wear Jewelry to class.

5. Liability - Performers and parents/guardians will not hold Pas De Deux Hawaii, LLC Members, Staff, Producers, Directors and Program Coordinators liable for injury or death while taking classes, taking part in events, recitals or rehearsals, and any other time they are at Pas De Deux's place of business or other affiliated events.

  • Studio Capacity Limit:
  • Families should limit the number of family members that stay to observe their child’s class to one parent or guardian. This includes siblings if possible.
  • Students should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of their class.
  • Students who are not picked up within 15 minutes from the end of their registered class are subject to the late pick up fee of $1 per minute.
  • Parents should eat meals using the outside tables and seating areas.
  • Keep stairwells, doorways, walkways, and emergency exits clear at all times. Do not sit on stairs or stand to observe classes from stairs.

6. Parking - Industrial Zone - Park at your own risk. Pas De Deux Hawaii, Landlords, and surrounding businesses will not be held liable for damage.

7. Photo Waiver - Pas De Deux reserves the right to photograph performers in classes and rehearsals during performances, concerts, and events for the use of marketing and publicity. Your child's first and last name will only be used for artist development and promotion, i.e. programs.

8. Studio Closures Due To Weather or Unforeseen Events - No refunds, credits, or make-ups on group classes cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen/uncontrollable events. Private vocal lessons can be refunded or credited.

9. TV/Film/Video Release - All rehearsals and scheduled dance, music or theatre classes, and performances in front of or without a live studio audience will be video recorded for future programming on Television, Film, and or Video and may be sold by and through Pas De Deux with an unlimited international release with no restrictions or payment to talent or subjects unless otherwise noted or negotiated.

10. Uniforms - Performers will purchase and wear the assigned class uniform clothing and shoes at PDD for all classes enrolled in and have hair fixed properly for their genre.

11. Vacation Policy - If a performer goes on vacation and notifies Pas De Deux in writing, we will hold your spot in the class as long as tuition is paid in full and on-time. Performers are able to attend make-up classes upon their return as long as the performer follows the Make-up class policy or 3 total make-ups for the year and once scheduled, cannot be rescheduled. If a performer drops the class for a vacation we cannot guarantee a spot in the desired class upon returning from vacation and will need to pay the $25 registration fee upon their return. If a class is near full in this situation, a performer should expect to be placed on the waitlist upon return.


*Registration Fee - Applicable to New Students and students that are returning after dropping classes.

12. Additional Fees - At times, there will be additional fees not included in normal monthly classes that include, but are not limited to: performance fees, tickets, and costume fees.

13. Automatic Billing - Payment information for Auto-Pay will be required for all accounts. Auto-pay charges will be processed on the 28th of each month. Class Costs and Registration are due upon sign up and monthly class billing is due on the first of every month. All accounts must be kept current. Classes are billed and statements are emailed on the 21st of the month prior to which amounts billed are due. The late fee will be 15% of the account balance and applies to any balance/fees (tuition, costume, registration, etc.). Performers with any balance from the 8th-20th will NOT be allowed to take class.

14. Dollar Jar Program - Performers may be charged a dollar if a) they don't show up to class or rehearsal on time (5 minute grace period), b) who arrive to class not in uniform, c) with hair not properly done or with no shoes. $1 charge if 10-14minutes late or $1 charge and marked absent if 15+ minutes late. Dollar jars will be put in each dance room for performers to deposit money when they are charged. If performers do not have money with them, an I.O.U will be placed in the dollar jar by the teacher and charges will be posted to statements on the 21st of each month.

15. Email Address Required - PDD directors, staff, producers, coordinators, and front desk administration communicates mainly through email by sending information on current news/updates, as well as monthly billing statements. Email addresses, as well as other registration information will be kept current and all changes will be reported to the front desk so accounts can be updated as needed.

16. No Refund Policy - Tuition and registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Notification to withdraw from class must be received in writing by the 15th of the month in order to stop tuition payment for the following month. No exceptions. There is no refund for missed sessions. Pas De Deux offers make-up sessions as long as they are taken within a month of the missed sessions. Trials are strongly encouraged prior to registering and paying for fees.


17. Attendance - Performer must attend 80% of regularly scheduled classes and rehearsals. If a performer does not attend class in 3 consecutive weeks without written notification of a trip, sickness or injury, they will be automatically dropped from the cast, daily call sheet and class billing will be due for classes missed.

18. Class Participation Requirement - Performers whose attitudes and lack of focus are distracting to the class will receive one verbal and one written warning before they are recast and released from the program.

19. Exam Week - Will be held annually to assess your child's growth and progress. No trials or make-ups during this week. Progress Reports will be handed out in class during exam week. Promotions, if any, will occur shortly after the progress reports are issued and your instructor will notify you by email.

20. Late Pick-Ups - Young performers must be picked up by parent/guardian immediately after classes end. A child not picked up more than 15 minutes after his/her last class ends will be charged a sitting charge of $1 for every minute after the allowed 15 minute pickup time.

21. Level Promotion Requirement - For promotions to apply; the student must be enrolled in applicable classes and tuition paid through the end of the session. Performers will be promoted in level based on their ability, attendance, and attitude in class, outside of class, and during performances and rehearsals. Teachers will notify parents of level promotions.

22. Level Requirements - If performers are not able to fulfill these requirements, enrollment into beginning level classes are recommended.

  • Beginning Ballet 9-10 - 2x per week to perform (1x a week for non-performers)
  • Beginning Ballet 11+ - 2x per week to perform (1x a week for non-performers)
  • Intermediate Ballet 7-8 & 9-10 & 11-13 & 14+ - 2x per week
  • Advanced Ballet 11-13 & 14+ - 2x per week
  • Intermediate and Advanced Pointe - 2x per week and you must enroll and attend the Ballet class that precedes your Pointe class.
  • Petite Ballet Company - 2x per week and 2x per week Petite Jazz (75 min each)
  • Mini Ballet Company - 3x per week (90 min each)
  • Junior Ballet Company - 3x per week (120 min each)
  • Teen Ballet Company - 3x per week (120 min each) *Combined with Senior Ballet on Fridays.
  • Senior Ballet Company - 3x per week (120 min each) *Combined with Teen Ballet on Fridays.
  • “Ballet Only” Company Dancers must attend at minimum an Intermediate Level Jazz Class 2x a week or more in their respective age division.

***All company members must enroll and attend at least one of these PDD conditioning classes weekly:  Pilates, Leaps and Turns, Acro, and/or Breakdancing.

  • JAZZ:
  • Beginning Jazz 9-10, - 2x week to perform (1x a week for non-performers) 
  • Beginning Jazz 11+ - 2x week to perform (1x a week for non-performers) 
  • Intermediate Jazz 7-8, 9-10, 11-13, 14+ - 2x per week plus 1 Ballet class 
  • Advanced Jazz 11-13, 14+ - 2x per week plus 1 Ballet class
  • Petite Jazz Company - 2x per week and 2x per week Petite Ballet (75 min each)
  • Mini Jazz Company - 3x per week (90 min each) plus Mini Ballet or Intermediate Ballet 2x per week (75 min each)
  • Junior Jazz Company - 3x per week (120 min) plus Junior Ballet or Intermediate Ballet 2x per week (90 min each)
  • Teen Jazz Company - 3x per week (120 min each) plus Teen Ballet or Intermediate Ballet 2x per week (90 min each)
  • Senior Jazz Company - 3x per week (120 min each) plus Senior Ballet 3x per week or Advance Ballet 2x per week (90 min each)

***All company members must enroll and attend at least one of these PDD conditioning classes weekly:  Pilates, Leaps and Turns, Acro, and or Breakdancing.

  • HIP HOP:
  • Beginning Hip Hop 9-10 - 2x per week (1x a week for non-performers)
  • Beginning Hip Hop 11-13 - 2x per week (1x a week for non-performers)
  • Intermediate Hip Hop 7-8, 9-10 & 11-13 - 2x per week
  • Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop 14+ - 2x per week
  • Advanced Hip Hop 14+ - 2x per week
  • Mini/Junior Hip Hop Company - 3x per week (60 min each)
  • Teen/Senior Hip Hop Company - 3x per week (60 min each)

***All company members must enroll and attend at least one of these PDD conditioning classes weekly:  Pilates, Leaps and Turns, Acro, and or Breakdancing.

  • Intermediate - 2x per week plus 1 Private Vocal Lesson per week 
  • Advanced- 2x per week plus 1 Private Vocal Lesson per week and 1 dance class per week

23. Private Vocal Policy for Musical Theatre - Private vocal lessons must be booked at PDD via pddvoice@gmail.com

24. Session Time - Parents should be aware that in order for teachers and choreographers to stay on schedule, the last 3-5 minutes of every class will be used for brief parent communication, restroom breaks, and change over of classes. Therefore, an hour class is really 55 minutes.

25. Trial Week - Trials are strongly encouraged to ensure that performers enjoy the class prior to registering. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. The first week of every month will be designated for FREE Trials. If the class is full, a trial cannot be permitted. Please call the front desk at 671-0350 to schedule a FREE Trial. Trials will not be permitted during performance rehearsals and Exam Week. Performers need to be the age of the class they are trialing or enrolling in by Jan. 1st. Performers must be fully potty trained in order to enroll. Families must schedule in advance for a trial and receive a confirmation that they are scheduled before coming to class. ALL trials, no matter what age or prior experience must trial in a beginning/Level 1 class. We do not offer Trials for Private Lessons.


26. Costumes, Performance Fees and Ticket Sales - All registered students must perform in our annual recital. Each class will present one number in the recital. All costume deposits, balances, performance fees and ticket sales are due regardless if the performer drops out of a performance or not. Performance fees are $50 plus tax, costumes are $65-$125 each and tickets sales $25-$35 per seat and all are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

27. Performance Requirement - Performers must maintain good attendance to perform in the recital. PDD will issue yellow and pink slips for absences starting 3 months prior to a show for all classes and mandatory rehearsals. Students need to attend 80% of classes from Jan-June to maintain enrollment and participation. All financial investments will be forfeit if student is pulled due to low attendance.

  • 1 Unexcused Absence = First Strike, Yellow Slip
  • 2 Unexcused Absence = Second Strike, Pink Slip
  • 3 Unexcused Absence = Not allowed to perform in the show
  • Excused Absence = sickness, injury, bereavement
  • 2 Excused Absences = 1 Unexcused Absence
  • Unexcused Missed "Performance" = Not allowed to perform in the following performances and the next concert. Teachers will re-stage the number to no longer include that performer

28. Rehearsals - Class time will be used for rehearsals 6-8 weeks leading up to a show. Recital rehearsal will be counted as class (therefore no refunds or make-ups for classes).


29. Make-ups - Make-ups will be allowed with the following guidelines: 3 make-ups allowed per yearly session. No cross-genre classes for make-ups, unless no other class of the same type is offered. Class must be age and level appropriate. Once scheduled, make-up classes cannot be rescheduled. Make-ups for private music sessions must be coordinated with your music coach directly.

30. Private Music Cancellations - Private Music Sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a booked lesson, please email pddvoice@gmail.com or call our Vocal Department Coordinator at (808) 226-0953 as soon as possible. If a student doesn't show or doesn't contact our Vocal Department Coordinator to cancel his/her lesson with a notice of 24 hours, the account will be charged for the lesson and considered a no show.

31. Private Music Session Make-Ups - There are no makeups for cancelled lessons. Charges are not applied for lesson cancellations if a 24 hour notice is given.