January 2021
The Mahilum Family

Aloha! We are the Mahilum family - Don, Seanna, Kaylyn, Kassie, and our dog Paka. 

Kaylyn goes to Kamehameha Kapalama middle school. She has been with PasDeDeux since the Waipahu days, her first class was Creative Movement and her love for dance is still strong. She is currently in Advanced Jazz, Intermediate Ballet, Hip Hop company, Intermediate Musical Theatre, and takes voice lessons. Kassie goes to Mililani Mauka Elementary school. She joined PasDeDeux in 2018 and her love for dance is growing. She is currently in Pre Hip Hop and Pre Jazz. 

They love dancing at PasDeDeux and we are grateful for the awesome environment and experiences PasDeDeux has provided throughout the years. We are extremely thankful for the amazing instructors and staff at PasDeDeux. Mahalo!

February 2021
The Kroona Family

Aloha! We are the Kroona Family- Jonathan, Chelsea, Madison and Landon. 

We have been a military family for the last 7 years. Home for us is Northern Virginia. We moved to Hawaii back in 2016 and have been so fortunate to still be here. We have two beautiful kids, Madison and Landon. They are both homeschooled and love all the outdoor activities this area offers. 

Madison joined PDD beginning of 2017 and it's been an incredible blessing for her. She began with one ballet class, but soon after added additional genres, such as Jazz and Tap. She has participated in various workshops with phenomenal dancers from all over the world. One workshop that she will cherish forever was with Travis Wall. Last year, she had a wonderful opportunity to be apart of the Tap company. She is currently enjoying Advanced Ballet and Intermediate Tap. Every opportunity PDD has offered has helped shaped Madison into the young dancer she is today. 

I encourage new families to get involved and take advantage of the classes offered. It's a great growth opportunity and the memories that are built at the studio will stay with them forever. No matter where we move next, we will always be very thankful for PDD and all they have done for our daughter. 

March 2021
The Ramirez Family

Aloha! We are the Ramirez Family- Rodolfo, Maritess, RJ, Rodley and Aiko

Rodolfo is a lead man at Group Builders Inc. Maritess is a nurse and owner of Ramirez Adult FosterCare Home since 2004 to present. RJ and Rodley graduated their Bachelor Degrees at the University of Las Vegas Nevada.

Aiko is the youngest and a freshman student at Leilehua High School. She has been with PasDeDeux since June 2011. She started hula and tahitian. After her first recital, she got interested with other genres and added hiphop, jazz and ballet. She’s been in all genres for the past years. Currently she’s with Hiphop, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Company and our newest Ballroom class.

PasDeDeux served as a second home for all our beautiful dancers. Safe, clean and awesome environment. I always recommend and encourage friends and families to take trial classes. Their growth and love of dancing, as well as their experience develop self confidence and self esteem for every individual dancer. As they move on they will cherish all memories and grateful to all amazing instructors, mentors and staff at PDD.


April 2021
The Shimizu Family

Aloha! We are the Shimizu Family - Jarrett, Kristen, Treyton, Mischa, Kaien, and Rascal.

We are originally from Maui and Kauai, and are now planting our roots here in Oahu. We have found our Happy Place in Mililani Mauka where we currently reside.  Treyton is in the 8th grade at Maryknoll School and is an avid baseball player and fisherman.  Kaien is in the 1st grade at Mililani Mauka Elementary School and enjoys soccer, baseball, and learning about animals.

Mischa is in the 3rd grade at Mililani Mauka Elementary School. In addition to her passion for dancing, she loves gymnastics, arts and crafts, and reading.  Mischa has been dancing with PasDeDeux since she was 4 years old.  She began in the Creative Movement class, and has worked her way up from Petite Company to the Minis.  We thoroughly enjoy watching her dance performances as she is totally in her element!

Mahalo, PasDeDeux, for your program! Your support throughout these years have helped Mischa grow in so many ways, not only as a dancer. To new dance families - enjoy every opportunity PasDeDeux has to offer. We are definitely looking forward to the next chapters of our dance story with PasDeDeux!