Vocal Instructor

Trisha Fujimoto is a singer & songwriter who has been involved in music for many years.  Her musical journey started at the age of 6 beginning with playing the piano, the trumpet in intermediate school through college, and later picking up the guitar and vocal skills as a teenager.  She is known for becoming KCCN’s “Pride of the Islands” female vocal winner and recorded with local group Chant, “All Over You” and “Love Won’t Let Me Wait”.  She then ventured into songwriting and recorded her own religious albums titled “Journal” & “Dying to Live”.  Trisha’s recorded version of “Breathe” was commonly known while played on a local religious station.

Since then, Trisha Fujimoto majored in music for a number of years (vocal and instrumental) at the University of Hawaii - Manoa.  She then applied her knowledge teaching private music lessons, becoming a worship director at her church, and becoming a music instructor at a local public high school where she is currently teaching music composition and performance.

Her philosophy includes fully bringing out the potential of each student through technique, heart, and perseverance.  She hopes to spread her passion for music and to enable students to discover their abilities with confidence to reach their individual musical goals. 

To book a Private Voice Lesson, please contact our PDD Vocal Coordinator at pddvoice@gmail.com.