Tahitian and Hip Hop Instructor

Jaemie Cadiente (Jae), was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Her mother co-founded a Polynesian dance company in 1986. At an early age of 4 she learned to respect the dances of Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan, and Maori culture and continues to educate and share the beautiful dances of Polynesia. She has participated in various Hawaiian and Tahitian dance competitions throughout California and in Hawaii. In 1994, she won Junior Overall solo Tahitian dancer at Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete in Merced, CA. She continued to place and win awards at several Tahitian solo dance competitions in California and Hawaii. She had the privilege to travel, compete, perform in various music & dance festivals*, and perform in large productions with other award winning groups such as, Otea Api/Hula Halau O' Nalua, Fremont, CA, Spirit of Polynesia, San Francisco, CA, Nelani Rogers Polynesian Dance Company, San Francisco, CA, Hui Tama Nui, Vallejo, CA, and Te Vai Ura Nui, Honolulu, HI.

In 2012, her mother passed on the family group to Jae and her sister, Remie Aranda. RAHITI Polynesian Dance Company from South San Francisco, CA is an ohana operated group, under the direction of Jae and her sister. Jae is a professional Polynesian dancer, hula and Tahitian dance instructor, drummer, and choreographer for the group. She is known for her fire poi dance, crazy line transitions, and solo training conditioning. She helped lead her family's group to take on multiple group awards to conditioning and training her students whom several have won soloist awards at Southern California, Northern California, Hawaii, and Las Vegas Tahitian dance competitions. She helped her family's group, RAHITI to be one of the known award winning groups representing Northern California.

Hip-Hop was a way for Jae to take breathers from Polynesian dancing. She was introduced to breakdancing at age 7, with a flat cardboard box in her cousin's livingroom. As years passed, she joined in several dance crews but ended passing them up because of the demands of sports and/or her family's Polynesian group. However, whenever she got together with friends they would practice or make dance routines just for fun. Hip-Hop, at that time was dancing on street, house parties, or dancing in empty school yards. Jae would dance in cyphers representing for any boogie down b-girl crew, and that's how she got her dance name "JaeBoogie". She was DJ for local clubs and private parties under her DJ name "Lady J". And because she grew up in the Mission Street district of San Francisco, a whole genre of dance and culture continued to intrigued her. From Brazilian Capoeira, Filipino Martial Arts, to Afro-Peruvian dancing, she continues to incorporate ALL she has learned to create her own style.

She also trained and learn dances from West Java. She has performed with Harsanari, an Indonesian Dance Troupe under the direction of Michael Ogi and had taken workshops with Indonesian dance master Achmad Farmis, S,Sn and Diah Agustini, S.Sn of Bandung, West Java. She has traveled and performed at various music & dance festivals* with Harsanari while living in California. Jae has a Master's Degree in Psychology from Chaminade University, HI and is a mother of three energetic boys. After 10 years, she resigned from her field of social work in San Francisco, CA and move back to Oahu, Hawaii in 2016 with her husband and their kids. For fun, she's a HOT HULA fitness® instructor and enjoys helping others "get fit while having fun"! She has found her way back to teaching her love of dance here at Pas De Deux. Jae believes that "dance is an art, it's universal, and it's healing, you let go and you feel good". She encourages to bring the best out of each student. And she stresses that "you never stop learning as a teacher/instructor I'm still learning myself, and you'll continue to grow to be that unique dancer you want show the world". Whatever dance genre Jae is dancing or teaching, you'll see that she enjoys and loves what she does.

*World Arts West: San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Island Reggae Dance Festival, Bay Area New Orleans Jazz Festival, San Francisco & Oakland Chinatown Street Festival, Chinese Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Great America Theme Park, San Francisco's Carnival, Aloha Festival, Foster City Polynesian Festival, Golden State Warriors Polynesian Heritage Night, Indonesian Day Festival.