Musical Theatre Director & Vocal Instructor

Chelsea Campbell has been involved with theatre in Hawaii for 6 years. Her experience in technical theatre at The Leeward Theatre extends to such shows as; The Odyssey, Argonautika, Oedipus Rex, Alice in Wonderland, School for Scandal and all of Pas De Deux’s dance performances. These experiences led to her directing for several one act play festivals. She has directed and produced several annual musical variety shows to raise funds for The Leeward Theatre's fall productions. She has also had the pleasure of working with several dance and theatre companies on the island including; In Yo Face Improv, Monkey Waterfall, The Arts at Marks Garage, and Kumu Kahua Theatre. She was nominated for a Po`okela Award in lighting design for Play Builders of Hawaii's Production of Yes I Am: Leeward Edition in 2013. She was awarded a Po´okela award for distinguished Service.She has had two productions she has directed win for best ensemble (Clockwork Cutie Revue & Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat). Inspired by her students Chelsea has started acting recently in shows like A Dark and Stormy Knight, Merry Men, Richard III, and Tartuffe.

As a vocalist Chelsea has been singing from age 6 years old. She has 3 years of classical vocal training with Marilyn Kim. She has extensive training in choral/ensemble singing and has a passion for such music. She is constantly working to improve her skill whenever possible including taking courses at Leeward Community College.

To book a Private Voice Lesson, please contact our PDD Vocal Coordinator at or text/call (808) 226-0953.