Last updated: April 5, 2021

Aloha PDD Families! 

Thank you again for your continued support and collective effort in minimizing covid exposure at our studio.  We greatly appreciate your trust in us to safely keep your children engaged during these difficult times.  With that being said we want to ensure a continued safe environment for all.  Cases are up, testing is down, and the state is opening up considerably.  20% of the population is currently vaccinated and we are slowly getting to herd immunity.  So with that in mind we are heightening our safety measures once again until CDC and DOH guidelines change, which hopefully will be sometime in May. 

Updated Travel Policy

To return to in-person learning, please provide Fully Vaccinated Documentation plus Pre Boarding Negative Test Result for household members who traveled outside of O'ahu. If travelers (including children) have not been fully vaccinated, provide two negative Covid test results for every member of the household that traveled, one taken 72 hours before returning to Oahu and one at least 72 hours after arriving. 

The CDC also recommends a 7 day quarantine even if both tests are negative. If you opt out of the second test, please quarantine for 10 days after returning.  If symptoms occur, please remain in quarantine and seek medical attention. Fully Vaccinated individuals who travel do not need to be quarantined if they show a pre boarding negative test result and provide vaccine documentation, this applies to all traveling household members and close contacts.

Most carriers are asymptomatic.  Until we have herd immunity or directives from the CDC or state guidelines change due to an increased percentage of individuals vaccinated, these are the mitigation procedures we have in place to minimize community spread.

Recital Attendance Policy

As a reminder, if you are participating in the June recital, our recital attendance policy is now in effect:

Students must attend at least 80% of their classes and not miss more than 3 classes starting April 1st to the show date.  If dancers are traveling, sick, or quarantined we recommend that they still zoom into classes so they don’t miss important information as it pertains to the upcoming performance.

No observers for ages 5-6

To minimize the risk of exposure to students  and staff, we will no longer allow parent observers into the studio for ages 5-6.  We will still allow 1 parent to observe class for ages 3-4 so long as the parent and student complete and pass their health survey and temperature screenings at the door. 


Please do not move the cones on the PDD parking lot. Our parking lost is currently not available for drop-off and pick-up to ensure the safety of our students social distancing outside as they wait for their classes to begin.

Reminder for Close Contacts

If you or anyone in your household are notified as a "Close Contact" please quarantine and do not come to the studio for 10 days from the exposure date.  Get tested as soon as possible so we can take swift action to minimize the spread in our community. 

Please email me directly if you have any questions and concerns regarding our new safety measures. Thank you again for all that your are doing to keep the vulnerable in our community safe. 


Wendy and Jeremy Gilbert 
Owners at Pas De Deux Hawaii